Why the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

A little backstory before we get into how truly AMAZING the NPCF is.  The founder of the Rocky Mountain Ski Fest has a personal mission to help children affected by cancer.  As a young child, her best friend had a brain tumor and she watched as she went through countless surgeries and treatments.  At the tender age of six years old, she became Carrie's "eyes" when one of her surgeries resulted in the loss of her sight.  Carrie passed away when they were both seven years old.  Since then, philanthropy and helping those less fortunate became Mollie's lifelong mission, personally and professionally.  In researching ways to help and which foundation was most effective, there was no doubt it was through the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation!  So...

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We're doing it for the kids!

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The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. Their focus is to find less toxic, more effective treatments through a unique collaborative research initiative called the Sunshine Project.
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Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children.

Each day, 43 kids in the U.S. are expected to be diagnosed with cancer.

More than 95% of childhood cancer survivors experience significant health-related issues by the age of 45 because of current treatment options.

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NPCF has donated more than 30 million dollars to pediatric cancer research


28 project initiatives yielding amazing results and saving children's lives


Collaborating with more than 30 leading pediatric hospitals nationwide for clinical trials and projects